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Paulwacreniermusic@gmail.com //// 06 73 56 85 39 

Paul WACRENIER  arrgt, direction, piano   Fanny MENEGOZ flutes   Sarah COLOMB violin 

Xavier BORNENS, Leo JEANNET trumpet  Arnaud SACASE alto sax    Jon VICUNA baryton sax 

 Jean-François PETITJEAN tenor sax     Victor AUBERT doublebass   Mauro BASILIO cello 

 Benoist RAFFIN drums     Sven CLERX percussions 

Jazz, Improvisation, tradition and contemporary creation, Orchestral and trance music, Rage and commitment, Dream and mystery,Healing Orchestra celebrates all these, Pays tribute to our struggles and our lives And brings its contribution To the story of popular and creative music. 

The Healing Orchestra is a tentet that sounds as an energetic collective that plays with great passion and sense of urgency, 

Salyt peanuts  Eyal Hayeurveni 


Wacrenier extensive knowledge of the jazz legacy as well as of African ancient musical tradition enables him to suggest a highly personal language that moves freely between the compositional ideas and improvising strategies of Charles Mingus Ensembles or the Art Ensemble of Chicago, pianists like Randy Weston and Abdullah Ibrahim and the orchestral works of double bass and guimbri player William Parker. 



" this music is as strong as anything from the more well known modern jazz orchestras of renown. (...) Extraordinary and unknown, how often does that happen??? 

DowtownMusicGallery, NY    Bruce Lee Gallanter 



 Futura/Marge Records (Hôte Marge 13) 

Rewarded "indispensable" by JazzNews 

New Creation  

Free Jazz for the People! 


Special Guest: Sylvain Kassap 


Le Healing Orchestra lance un nouveau manifeste engagé, exalté et furieux. Un spectacle vivant parsemé de riffs Mingussiens, de balade à la Sun Ra, d’hymnes universels, de musique populaire, de transe swing et jubilatoire. Une affirmation humaniste, urgente et nécessaire pour les luttes à venir.


This creation is supported by Sons d'Hiver Festival, The théatre Cachan, Jacques Carat.

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« … a strong personality that goes straight to the point but never forgets the beat or the dynamic only great technical skills can provide. So let's relish this album and its undeniable power, and let's see what the future holds – probably something thrilling. Now we know, we are ready for whatever comes next ! » 

JazzNews       Bruno Guermonprez 

« You will also find here, and with a voluptuous pleasure, what gives this pianist's music its spice : a sense of urgency, energy, freedom, generosity. His music is never recondite or self-absorbed ; it is grounded in a powerful beat and an always accurate melodic research. » 

Citizen Jazz        Julien Aunos 


« A straightforward stance that claims to have its roots in a set of traditions they studied and listened to a lot – from jazz to East European musical practices (…) an intelligent and demanding sound whose foremost concern always remains groove, swing, obviousness. » 

Djam la revue                    Pierre Tenne 

Healing Orchestra is a member of « Grand Format » (federation of French Orchestra of jazz and improvised music) 

Nouvel  Album 


Free Jazz for the People! 


Double Album to be released on  LFDS Records

Healing Orchestra, the recuperation of forces, their (re)deployment in the revolutionary horizon, which is the only horizon in which this music can happen, astronomically and politically. A fierce and ferocious engagement with the matter of sound, silky surfaces, whirling masses, intensities and densities that become troubled and brightened, voluptuous upheavals. Chaosmos. 

excerpt from liners notes bay Alexandre Pierrepont 

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