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Paulwacreniermusic@gmail.com //// 06 73 56 85 39 

31/01/2020 Healing Orchestra @ Festival Sons d'Hiver 

15,16,17,18/12/2019  Kami Octet  @ tournée

15/11/2019 With John Dikeman @ Café de Paris

13 / 11 / 2019  Healing Unit invite Michel Edelin @ Théatre de Cachan

04/10/2019 Healing Unit @ Babilo

12/09/2019 The Archetypal Syndicate @ Café de Paris

Free Jazz and Creative Music Large ensemble 

Jazz and New Thing Quintet 


Jazz, Improvisation, tradition and contemporary creation, 

Orchestral and trance music, 

Rage and commitment, Dream and mystery, 

Healing Orchestra celebrates all these, 

Pays tribute to our struggles and our lives 

And brings its contribution 

To the story of popular and creative music. 

Transe Folk Psychédélic 



Healing Unit explores energetic and generous music, with communicative joy and powerful and inviting melodies.
The quintet led by Paul Wacrenier, Xavier Bornens, Arnaud Sacase, Blaise Chevallier and Benoist Raffin takes the most liberating and expressive jazz to the roots of blues and South African fanfares, while giving echoes of Shepp, Dolphy, Cecyl Taylor or from the Art Ensemble of Chicago. 

European Jazz Quintet (Dk /Pl /Fr) 

Living Things is an international Jazz Quintet. The music is a constellation of jazz, european tradition and various world music tradition, such as pygmee, tyrkish, african and chinese. 


Living Things is a collaboration between Sven Dam Meinild and french Pianist Paul Wacrenier. Further more it presents the Polish talent Tomasz Dabrowski on Trumpet, as well as the rock solid and creative danish rythmsection Casper Rask on Bass and Rune Lohse on Drums 

Rediscovering a great formula of Jazz with this Piano / saxophone duo, the meeting of the singular and inspired voices of Julien Soro and Paul Wacrenier.
Great lyrical flights, poetic meditations, unfailing commitment to sound and swing energy are the alchemical ingredients of the black light of the duet.

Folk instruments, Spectral illusions, The Archetypal syndicate is a moderne trance ceremony for an open, dancing, melodic, spectral communication between all living spirits, merging from the sound of Mbira, Guembri, electric and portuguese guitar and far east percussions.